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Lots of news: Linux World Cup, new scenarios and improvements :-) 


Linux World Cup

The LWC 2023 ran Sept 24 and Oct 1st. You can see the results and video replay of the solved scenarios (spoiler alert!).

I want to thank the participants and volunteers, specially Fuero, PuppiestDoggo and @SorongoPowa. Fuero took himself out of the competition to help me test the scenarios and PuppiestDoggo came up with the idea for one of them (Monaco).

If you are interested in this, be on the lookout for an article or blog post I'll write about the event.


New Scenarios

I added the LWC scenarios and an extra one to SadServers:



The biggest improvement that you can see is the session replay system based on asciinema , all the new scenarios come with them. If you try any, after the server is destroyed when the time to solve the scenario is reached, the replay video is uploaded to SadServer's replay server and a link to it created in your dashboard. All the sessions are public so you can browse any of them. Note that the system is not 100% reliable yet, let me know if you encounter unexpected problems.

For corporate customers there are now VMs that are accessible externally and can communicate to the outside. You can SSH directly into them with your public key, or download a one-off private key for the scenario server.


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Have fun troubleshooting and see you in a few months. Follow me on Twit- errm X or Mastodon for more updated, frequent updates and the occasional bad joke and feel free to send me feedback or ideas (email or form on the site).